B6 TN Printing

How to Print B6 TN Size Inserts

If you are wondering how to print b6 size inserts, make sure to follow these printing instructions.

These printing instructions are specifically for these B6 Size Inserts.

To print B6 Travelers Notebook Inserts, open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it, download the FREE version from Adobe Acrobat Reader. These printing instructions are for HP LaserJet Pro M201dw printer.

Printing B6 Size Inserts

Once you open the PDF file, first make sure you have the correct page size to print on.

Page Setup

To set the page size like Letter, A4 etc. follow the steps below.

  • Select the page size.
  • Click on “Page Setup“. From the drop down, select Letter or A4 Size.
  • Click “OK”

printing B6 size inserts

Printing on Double Sided or Duplex Printers

To print on double sided printer, follow the steps below.

Printing the B6 TN Cover Page and Inserts

printing B6 size inserts

  • For “Pages to Print” option, select “All”.
  • Select “Actual Size“, for Orientation, select “Auto portrait/landscape“.
  • Check “Print on both sides of paper”, select “Flip on short edge“.
  • Then Print.


Printing Additional Undated B6 TN Inserts

To print the blank or undated B6 Travelers Notebook Inserts,

  • Enter the number of copies you wish to print. It can be any number starting from 1.
  • For “Pages to Print” option, select “Pages” 2 – 3.
  • Select “Actual Size”, for Orientation, select “Auto portrait/landscape”.
  • Check “Print on both sides of paper”, select “Flip on short edge”.
  • Then Print.

printing B6 size inserts

You can print any number of inserts using the steps listed above for printing the B6 Size Inserts.

Please note that these printer settings may vary for different printers and you may run into printing issues. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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